What is Google Primer

Google Primer is a ios/android app that offers users bite sized lessons to learn a number of topics in marketing, branding, and business operations. The app is international and offers individuals and small businesses resources to learn new skills that can improve their lives.

This project was a chance to flex some UX and design skills, with that being said this project was not done with a team, all UX, design, and illustration is custom made.

The Brief

To create a responsive website that catalogs lessons and drives downloads from internet search. The simple site needs to quickly explain what primer is and give users the ability to find topics that interest them quickly and easily to encourage downloads.


The main priority of the website is to get users quickly to what they're looking for and get them to download the app. The app prioritizes new user traffic but offers a simple and seamless experience for current users as well. The 'Primer Searchable' site takes influences from material design while maintaining the Primer app look and feel. 


This is just a few select screens, if you want to see it all check out the prototype.

These are just some select screens, to see them all check out the prototype.


There's no I in team, but there is a me, meat, and am. This project would've never happened without the following people:

There's no I in team, but there is a me, and meat, here's all the people who helped make this happen.

Channing Ritter

Design Lead

Aliza Adam

Senior UI/UX Designer

Digital Creative Director

Kim Mok

Content Lead

Justin Cegnar

Product Lead

Digital Creative Director

Mike Giannotti

Growth & Marketing Lead

Rodrigo Alarcon

Product Marketing Manager

Nienke Vonsée

Product Marketing Manager

Gabriel Manga

Sr. Content Strategist & Producer

Natacha Fernandez

Development Lead

Digital Creative Director

Matt Hall


Digital Creative Director

John Watkinson


Digital Creative Director

Jenny Nelson


Digital Creative Director

Let's get in touch, drop me a line.

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