The Brief

In addition to sponsoring the world's longest yard sale Krylon sent DIY expert Amy Devers and her team of treasure hunters on a 690 mile road trip to find and transform unique objects to resell on Pinterest to benefit the non-profit organization Charity Wings.

This project was a chance to flex some UX and design skills, with that being said this project was not done with a team, all UX, design, and illustration is custom made.

Our Objective

The campaign was the first use of the Pinterest buyable pins functionality to host the first ever Pinterest yard sale. The site needed to give users the ability to follow Amy and her team through the different stages of the sale — from the teaser to the conclusion the site would be responsible for tracking the van, providing up to date countdowns and social media content, and acting as a showcase for the collected items that would go up for sale. Following the sale the site serves as a log of events as well as a hub for how-to videos.


The Final Countdown

Once the creative teams developed the concept the clock was ticking to create a website using technologies we've never used before. We launched a phased approach that would include a teaser, pre-sale phase, sale phase, and post sale wrap up in a fully integrated campaign.

Using geotracking we were able to serve up tweets and tweet locations on the fly so that users could follow along with the road trip, we also had a constant countdown clock to remind users as well as ourselves that the sale was coming soon.

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It takes a village. These are all the great people who worked hard to make this project happen.

There's no I in team, but there is a me, and meat, here's all the people who helped make this happen.

Menno Kluin

Executive Creative Director

Exec. Dig. Producer

Aliza Adam

VP, Design Director

Sam Shepherd

Creative Director

Frank Cartagena

Creative Director

Creative Director

Erika Kohnen

Art Director

Lauren Cooper


Brian Gartsize

Ass. Design Director

Exec. Dig. Producer

Lynne Yun

Designer, Letterer

Kamran Aslam

Director of Technology

Jeff Denton


Dan Machlin

UX Designer

Sean Gilleylen

Project Manager

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