This project was a chance to flex some UX and design skills, with that being said this project was not done with a team, all UX, design, and illustration is custom made.

This project was a chance to flex some UX and design skills, with that being said this project was not done with a team, all UX, design, and illustration is custom made.


Design an app that allows users to quickly get coffee and coffee supplies from shops in their local area quickly and easily. Improving the process of finding the best local shops, arranging pickup or delivery, and giving users the ability to put in their order before they get to the shop for easy caffeine access.


At the time Acuvue had several sub brands/regions each of which was taking a different approach to content and design. We would need to create one unified look for all of Acuvue digital within the Canvas development platform.

We needed to create a system that was easy to edit but restrictive enough to hold a unified look and improve content structure, which at the time was piled into dense paragraphs of unrelated information. Our solution was to break content into smaller digestable modules that would create a more flexible design while providing users with more searchable and scannable pages.



This is just a few select screens, if you want to see it all check out the prototype.

These are just some select screens, to see them all check out the prototype.



Look & Feel
Look & Feel

Lead by the guiding principle that a product that helps you see should have an extremely visual website we would introduce more photography, iconography, and detailed illustration that would bring more life to content as well as offer users with simple but informative wayfinding and instruction. Typography would be streamlined, content would be limited to short paragraphs, and white space would divide and seperate content. To divert the color palette from standard clinical blue and white we leveraged colors from different product packages and used them to create a much more diverse and vibrant color scheme.

This would take Acuvue into much more modern, fashionable territory setting them apart from their competition and making them the brand to beat.

Color Palette
Rectangle 2
Rectangle 2 Copy 5
Rectangle 2 Copy 7
Rectangle 2 Copy
Rectangle 2 Copy 3
Rectangle 2 Copy 8
Rectangle 2 Copy 2
Rectangle 2 Copy 4
Rectangle 2 Copy 6
Color Palette
Color Palette


Noe Display offers a fashionable and crisp look that pairs well with the simple geometric Graphik.

Headline Typeface
Subhead / Body Text Typeface


Previously the brand imagery was overly staged, inconsistently lit, and generally bland. Part of our mission was to improve the overal quality and focus of images in use.



Taking queues from Graphik, the iconography takes a geometric and rounded approach to create a uniform system. Varied line weights add detail and make the system feel more unique and orignal.



The larger more instructional illustration takes the principles from the iconography and boosts the detail to create an instructional look that isn't gross or frightening to look at.

Group 49
Group 41
Group 52


Teamwork means there is always someone to do all of the heavy lifting. This project would've never happened without the following people:

There's no I in team, but there is a me, and meat, here's all the people who helped make this happen.

Aliza Adam

VP, Design Director

Aaron Pederson

Digital Creative Director

Digital Creative Director

Priscilla Osredkar

Senior UX Designer

Kamran Aslam

Director of Technology

Mike Nicosia

Ass. Director of Technology

Kirk Wallace


Hyobee Kim
Hyobee Kim

Senior Art Director

Rebecca Antonucci

Senior Copywriter

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