The Client
MoneyGram Plus is a service that allows users to send money to specific locations to be picked up by the desired recipients. 

The Goal
This was a pitch project to create a streamlined flow for new users that have never used the MoneyGram Plus service before. The branded app was struggling to retain users who didn't feel informed enough to trust the service and dropped off due to user experience errors. The ask was to create a first time money transfer flow that would educate users and build trust while also allowing them to easily and quickly transfer money.


The current MoneyGram Plus app was outdated, unfamaliar, and downright difficult to use. There was no trust built in a service from which we would expect the most critical security. To remedy this, the user experience design and design look and feel needed to be compeletly overhauled. As the primary designer on the project I worked shoulder to shoulder with extremely talented UX designers, researchers, usability experts, and performed a series of tests to ensure the best user journey. My duties on this project spanned through wireframes, prototyping, and the final visual design.

To enhance the user's trust and experience, the use of neutral typography, vibrant colors in contrast with more dialed back greys, and flat vector illustration created an friendly but serious atmosphere that users would find both pleasing to the eye and simple to use.

Every one of us is poor & powerless. And yet together we can overthrow an empire. This project would've never been possible without the following people:

Sr. Designer

Design Research & Testing

UX & Design Research

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