The Brief
Design an app that allows users to quickly get cofffee and coffee supplies from shops in their local area quickly and easily.

The Goal
To give users short on time and low on caffiene an easy to use alternative to get their coffee. The dripply app makes it easy to find shops near you that carry the stuff you like and get your order to you fast.


Knowing that our users might be moving sluggishly or really need to move fast the flow has been designed to get them through as fast and easy as possible. Starting with onboarding that gives them a quick intro, and then launching them directly into creating an order. The app gives users a number of useful filters that allow them to find coffee shops that fit their needs whether that be for coffee and a bite, places open late, even letting users know what kind of beans the shop uses.

For more frequent users there's features that make using dripply a must such as "the usual" where users can input their typical coffee order to make the order process super fast, and since users are inputing their phone numbers their orders will keep them moving along with local rewards programs.



When creating a look for the app the desired feeling would be something fun and energetic with vibrant colors and simple illustration. The use of rounded corners and buttons as well as warm, bright colors gives the app an approachable feeling while also helping to maintain a simple aesthetic. 

The color palette is inspired by the color of coffee itself and supported by some modified primary colors adding in a little more complexity. The primary and only font used in the app, GT Walsheim Pro, is well rounded and has playful character while maintaining great legibility.


See it in glorious action, well prototype action...


There is no I in team, but there is a me spelled backwards. Normally I'd credit the team, but in this case there was only but one.


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